Terms of use

1.The service
Valdorciamiata.it whose sole owner is Beengoo OF, PIVA 01354060525, with registered office at Via Cavour 28, 53021 Abbadia San Salvatore (hereinafter referred to as Valdorciamiata.it), provides a web service (hereinafter service) to the public seeking to rely , publishing and consultation of images and videos of private individuals and not, on the territory of the Monte Amiata and Val d’Orcia the service also allows you to comment on posts posted by users, the users follow and apply consents to the images / video.

2. Application of the general conditions of service
These Terms of Service apply to both users use the Service in a consultative photos / videos posted, both users have placed ads or intend to do so (both defined below “user or users”).

3. Use of the Service
The use of the service is free and allows the free consultation of images / videos, posting pictures / videos and account creation aimed use of the service. Some additional features will be made available only for a fee, for example, highlighting the ads or buying functionality suitable for the purpose of raising the profile listings.

Any form of relationship entertained between users of the Service are solely between users without Valdorciamiata.it is part of the report. The user undertakes not to make improper use of contacts in any capacity on the platform Valdorciamiata.it.

4. User Responsibilities
The user is fully and solely responsible for the use of the service (meaning specifically with regard to the functions of publication, consultation, advert management and comments) and is therefore the only guarantor and responsible for photo / video submitted for through the Service and the correctness, completeness and legality of the advertisements and of their own behavior. You warrant that your ads do not violate any copyright or industrial property rights or other rights of third parties. If challenged by a third party with respect to any ad or behavior associated with it, the user if he takes full responsibility and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Valdorciamiata.it from any damage, loss or expense. You agree to use the comment form relatively to the ads, using respectful language of the law, ethics and good manners. The user also assumes all liability for any damage that may result to your computer system by the use of the Service.

5. Limitation of Liability
Valdorciamiata.it no warranties about the content, completeness and correctness of advertisements published nor with regard to the data published, nor with respect to information subsequently provided by the user, or with reference to the number or quality of the results obtained through the Service . Anyway Valdorciamiata.it reserves, at any time, the right to evaluate, approve, delete, or prevent the insertion or the right to inhibit the consultation if, in its sole discretion, the use of the Service the user can be considered prejudicial to the rights or prerogatives of Valdorciamiata.it or third parties. It is understood that even in case of approval of listing Valdorciamiata.it no warranties about the content, completeness or correctness.
Valdorciamiata.it stranger to communications that can arise from the use of the Service and therefore does not guarantee either the goodness or the outcome of the same, therefore any claims for compensation, reparation and / or compensation for any reason will be directed against Valdorciamiata.it

The service is offered through the website www.valdorciamiata.it that can hold banners with links to other Internet sites or applications that are not under the direct control of Valdorciamiata.it.
Valdorciamiata.it can not be held responsible for the veracity or morality of the information presented on banners or on sites connected to them, not being able to endorse their publication.

6. Limitations in the supply of Service
Valdorciamiata.it reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate, in whole or in part, the Service at any time without notice and without that it is obliged to state the reasons underlying the aforementioned shares. Valdorciamiata.it not be held liable for damages resulting from the failure to provide the services under this contract due to malfunctioning of the media for reasons beyond the scope of its control.

7. Limitations on the content of the publications
You agree not to misrepresent your identity and to comply with all applicable laws as well as the Rules of Valdorciamiata.it, to that end, the user accepts and recognizes that it must view before the insertion of any advertisement. The user also agrees to not use the Service to publish, broadcast or exchange any unlawful, vulgar, obscene, libelous, defamatory, offensive to common decency or in any way detrimental to the rights of others or messages that incite hatred and to racial or religious discrimination. In addition, the user undertakes not to use the Service in a manner that infringes the intellectual property rights or industrial Valdorciamiata.it or third parties.

8. Jurisdiction, applicable law and jurisdiction
Relations between Valdorciamiata.it and users are governed by Italian law and jurisdiction, according to which even these General Conditions shall be interpreted. Except as provided by law can not be derogated, the Court of Siena will be exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute regarding these General Conditions and the relationships governed by them.

9 Validity of these Terms
You valdorciamiata.it unilaterally at any time can make changes to these Terms by notice on its website.