Downhill and Free Ride on Mount Amiata

Over the last few years Free Ride and Downhill have become two very popular disciplines on Mount Amiata. More and more amateurs and professionals choose the paths of our mountain to ride in the pure air and through uncontaminated woods. The Downhill technique offers cyclists breathtaking routes that descend the mountain, from the highest altitudes to the valley.

To satisfy the increasing request for support in these disciplines, the Amiata Free Ride Bike Resort was born, a project capable of offering bicycle-oriented services on Mount Amiata.

The protagonists of the birth of this project have managed to create a Bike Park in the largest beech forest in Europe by providing a Bike School, Bike Tours, a rental and highly qualified teachers.

What can be done?

  • Go up from the Prato delle Macinaie to the top of the mountain via the chairlift and choose one of the 5 paths available to go back.
  • Descend from the summit to Abbadia San Salvatore with a shuttle ride up.
  • Attend the Bike School to learn the tricks for a MTB guide.
  • Use the Pump Track ( find out what it is ) to refine their driving techniques.
  • Take part in one of the many tours available.
  • Of course, rent your bike.

For more information, nothing better than to visit the project website directly.