Visit Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is an ancient and famous thermal village, located within the Val d’Orcia Natural Artistic Park. Its thermal waters were used since Roman times thanks to the proximity of the Via Francigena, the road for pilgrims heading to Rome.

Bagno Vignoni things to do

The main attraction is the Piazza delle Sorgenti, the place where the first houses began to rise, later accompanied by inns and the church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista. This square takes its name from the large basin in the centre which, with its coloured waters and its vapours, creates a suggestive and surprising scenario, further embellished by the Renaissance buildings that surround it.
On the square you can also find bars and restaurants to appreciate the tasty Tuscan cuisine.
Walking in this square, immersed in its fairy tale atmosphere, is like going back in time.
Bagno Vignoni is in fact rich in history: it was a popular destination among noble families, such as the Medici, but also among the popes: the most important was Pope Pio II, who owned a summer residence right in the square. In particular, we should remember the living room of Caterina da Siena, who bathed where the water was warmer as a sign of penance and to which the porch that runs alongside one side of the main tub is dedicated.

Parco dei Mulini

From the square the water that will go into the river of the Parco dei Mulini flows, an area characterized by streams and waterfalls but above all by the four mills built around the 12th century. They are very unique as they were also usable in summer thanks to the constant flow of water from the thermal spring. The Park is free to access but a recent ordinance from the mayor prohibits bathing in the pools in the area.
To enjoy the benefits of these waters, however, this village offers various well-equipped spas, with mud-based treatments, whirlpools and much more.

Spas and excursions

For lovers of excursions there is also a path, the Bagno Vignoni Ring. The departure is at the Parco dei Mulini, then continue to the ancient Castello della Ripa, built near the Gole d’Orcia. We then pass through the medieval village of Vignoni and finally return to the starting point. It is a rather long path, and in some parts tiring, effort rewarded by the magnificent view of the Valdorciano landscape.
Bagno Vignone is a small village that fascinates for the perfect union between one of the most magical natural phenomena, the thermal baths, and the historical remains that reveal themselves step by step.
In short, Vignoni is just waiting to be explored!
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Church of Giovanni Battista

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