Seggiano, the city of oil

Seggiano is a municipality in the province of Grosseto and has 1,000 inhabitants. Its relative proximity to the sea and the simultaneous proximity to Mount Amiata, gives rise to that microclimate which is very favourable to the cultivation of olive trees, which generate one of the most famous and tasty oils in Tuscany. Hence the name of “town of oil“.The village is certainly one of the quietest and at the same time fascinating in the Amiata area, and is in fact a destination for many tourists looking for relaxation every year.

Historical background

Seggiano was born at the beginning of the 10th century as a possession of Abbey of San Salvatore, which around the year 1000 ceded some rights to the Abbey of Sant’Antimo. From the second half of the 13th century begins the dominion of Siena, with strong influences of the Salimbeni and Ugurgieri families. In 1555 Seggiano was annexed to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, which destiny will follow from that moment onwards.

Attractions in Seggiano

  • Church of San Bartolomeo
  • Church of the Compagnia del Corpus Domini
  • Oratory of San Rocco
  • Convent of Colombaio, the first Franciscan Monastery in the province of Grosseto
  • Santuario della Madonna della Carità.
  • Seggiano walls, built in the 10th century and that surround the medieval village
  • Potentino Castle, just a few kilometres from the village
  • The Garden of Daniel Spoerri, the park-museum dedicated to the homonymous artist.

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Garden of Daniel Spoerri

A visit to Daniel Spoerri’s Garden