Where to eat in San Quirico d’Orcia

In the where to eat in San Quirico d’Orcia section we present a list of the best restaurants, wine bars, pizzerias, taverns and pubs where you can taste excellent typical Tuscan dishes. Below is the list of structures with the address and telephone number to book during your holiday in San Quirico d’Orcia.

Restaurants, wine bars, pizzerias, taverns and pubs to eat in San Quirico d’Orcia

Ristorante fonte alla vena

Via Dante Alighieri, 137

Phone: +39 0577 897034

Ristorante la torre

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 33

Phone: +39 0577 897520

Pizzeria bar l’officina del gusto

Via G. Matteotti, 2

Phone: +39 0577 898098

Osteria San Quirico

Via Dante Alighieri, 52

Phone: +39 335 156 6964

Vald’o art

Via Dante Alighieri, 81

Phone: +39 0577 174 0071

Trattoria Osenna sqd’o

Via Dante Alighieri, 42

Phone: +39 0577 897541

La bottega di Portanuova

Via dei Canneti, 37 F

Phone: +39 0577 897618


Via Dante Alighieri, 53A

Phone: +39 0577 897555

Bar centrale

Piazza della Libertà, 6

Phone: +39 345 755 5904

Trattoria toscana al vecchio forno

Via della Piazzola, 8

Phone: +39 0577 897380

Osteria del cardinale

Via Dante Alighieri, 35 A

Phone: +39 0577 899945

Il Garibaldi

SR2, 17A

Phone: +39 0577 898315

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If your restaurant does not appear in the list or if you are the owner of a structure and you want your personalized card full of photos, descriptions, menus, videos and many other information, write to info@valdorciamiata.it.